5 Popular Interior Design Styles

Every New Year brings new trends to the design world. We’ve researched the opinions of interior designers who have predicted what’s expected be most popular and narrowed it down. Without further ado, here are our top 9 trends for 2019.

#1. Floral Fabrics & Wallpapers

If there’s one major theme this year, it’s going green. Or for this trend, floral. Embrace the patterns in fabrics and wallpapers. Bring the wildlife into your living room and don’t be afraid to go bold. Pairing floral designs with night watch green is our suggestion to show you’re up to date in recent interior design trends.

Floral Fabrics & Wallpapers Eagle Decor

#2. Colour of the Year: Night Watch Green

Without a doubt, Night Watch Green is what has everyone talking this year. This deep, luxurious shade of green has caught the attention of interior designers, and for good reason. Not only does it add a mature and sophisticated air, but it brings some of the outside energy inside. However, don’t go painting all your walls this colour, otherwise you’ll end up overwhelmed – save it for larger rooms where its effects won’t be too intense.

Colour of the Year: Night Watch Green Eagle Decor

#3. Eco-Friendly Finishings

Back to the most prevalent theme of the year: Going green. Another trend in 2019, and likely in many years to follow, is embracing eco-friendly finishings. While the upkeep might seem a challenge, before long society must move along with a greener approach, so adapting as early as possible will keep you ahead of the curb and show you’re not only concerned about the state of your home, but the state of the world, too

Eco-Friendly Finishings Eagle Decor

#4. Copper Accents

A personal favourite of ours, copper accents rarely go wrong. Not only are they visually striking, but if you have a piece of furniture with a copper tinge, you can incorporate that design into other furnishings. We recently dressed a gorgeous apartment that came with copper taps, rails, and skirting, so we made sure to match the design in our furnishing, to great success.

Copper Accents Eagle Decor

#5. Dark Kitchens

White and simple kitchens have been common for years now, but 2019 looks to bring the dark aesthetic back to our cooking space. It can be daunting to go for something so bold, but with the many inspirations available online, it’s definitely possible to achieve a modern and appealing kitchen with dark colours.

Dark Kitchens Eagle Decor

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