5 Bedroom Style Tips

If you’re in need of some bedroom inspiration that makes the most of any given space (no matter how difficult it is to work with, we’re here to help! Here are five of our bedrooms we’ve furnished this year that we believe will help inspire you.

#1. Matching Existing Wallpaper

For this bedroom in Brighton, we worked around the existing wallpaper. If not careful, the unique pattern and signature grey colour would clash with furniture that didn’t match, so we sourced a bed, chairs, and furnishings that complimented that particular shade. Similarly, we bought cushions with textures to match the wall, and introduced mirrors to spread the pattern throughout the room. Our aim was to bring luxury to this Brighton apartment, and working with what was already in place, we managed to create a cohesive bedroom that channeled that air of sophistication. Sometimes working around an existing wallpaper or colour helps bring a vision together. Our tip would be not to get rid of what is already there if you can help it – work with it.

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#2. Draw Inspiration from Your Environment

When we went to this small room in Hove, we decided to bring the seaside indoors, through a range of soft blues. The result was a calming, contemporary bedroom perfect for a young professional. Likewise, you’re renovating a property that’s surrounded by red bricks or acres of trees, we recommend bringing those matching colours to the walls, floors, and décor. While not a physical limitation like an existing statement wall, trying to replicate your environment through colours, textures, and careful thought is a great way to achieved inspired results.

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#3.Go Neutral, Add Pastel

When in doubt, go neutral. And if you want to add some colour, go for something pastel. For this bedroom in Grinstead, we added peach tones – from the cushions to the flowers – that paired well with the white bedsheets, white walls, and dark carpet. Without changing much about the room, we were able to add colour without it catching one’s attention more than desired. That’s why we recommend going neutral and experimenting with pastel décor.

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#4. Find a Theme

For this Finchley master bedroom, we wanted to create the best relaxation spot for a busy traveller. When putting ourselves in the minds of someone who spans the globe, we ended up going to simple tones with an eclectic range of décor. As shown above, we went for a quirky pineapple lamp for the bedside table, while on the other side of the room we brought various plants you’d see across your adventures. Not only is it a fun exercise to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and think about what they might want before your own preferences, but you may just surprise yourself with what you discover when you step outside your comfort zone.

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#5. Make the Most of a Small Space

The most common problem of all is likely when a room is far too small to fit your grand vision. Trying to bring the most out of a small space can be a challenge, especially if you want to fit a double bed inside. Of course, you should reorganise your room to best make use of the floor space, but our top tip is to give the illusion of the room’s size: try adding reflective materials like we did with these bedside drawers in this Bushey apartment, or add large mirrors to give the impression of more space than is there. Accept what you have, work with it, and then make it seem better than it actually is. For more on these bedrooms and the full properties they belong to, check out our Portfolio page for all of our professional photos.

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